Put down the remote control [blog]

Door: Ineke Hurkmans


Innovative ways to get clients or employees moving, enabling them to take steps THEMSELVES!

 I regularly talk to CEOs, managers, trainers and consultants who have trouble getting employees or clients in motion.


All those attempts are usually doomed to fail, because changing things 'from the outside in' will be met with resistance.

70% of change processes fail because they don’t appeal to the individual’s intrinsic motivation. Instead, the remote control method is being used.

It sounds like this: “Right, this is how we're going to do it. This is the plan. Go ahead.”

And then nothing happens. Or very little.


We have noticed how scary it can be to let things go and let people take full control.

We tend to resist out of a need to have control over the situation.

Which in its turn paralyzes our employees. And so we’ve come full circle!


One way to solve this, is to use people’s own motivation as a starting ground in a Jump Movement experiment.

When there’s no ‘have to’, that’s when things happen automatically. Just like children: anything they have to do, they don’t want to - which makes the opposite all the more interesting.


Jump Movement sets something in motion, ‘switching it on’, then letting it run by itself with only those who are interested. Suddenly you’ll find a lot more people interested in joining, voluntarily, out of curiosity.


The Jump Movement conversation is a pleasant experience; simple and connective. It creates a moment of reflection and stillness, allowing people to take steps and make decisions towards a shared goal automatically and of their own accord.


It can be a bit daunting, as it makes you vulnerable.  But as all participants are in the same boat, it creates an immediate connection.


It takes courage to let go and observe the movements of the group. Just remember: DON’T start clicking the remote control, but wait for the other to come to you.


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